Thursday, January 14, 2010

And We're Back.

Head over to Ron Herman in Hollywood, our new shirts are there.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Achtung! Mir wird Kalt!

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hello buddies--

this is an exciting thing for Matte Black; We co-labeled with Lulette Scarves ( for Matte Black's Fall 2005 collection. This is a sneak-peek. I am too excited not to share with everyone!

the translation into English is, "Attention! I'm cold!"

These are a part of the Fall 2005 collection, which will be available for purchase in about two weeks for September-December delivery.

More wonderful Matte Black is to come, we are just putting the finishing touches on the men's and women's line, and Mark is getting the T-Shirt Gallery finely tuned and curated.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

our first foray into stardom

well matte black is lucky to be where it is. i mean, as of now, we are in very few, but very radical stores around these states united. as for our los angeles spots...

Apartment 3 on La Brea is an entirely neat-o spot decorated like.. an apartment. boys on one side, gals on the other, it's very cute. Kristen has been nice enough to give ol' matte black a whirl. today i talked with her to find out that Anne Heche bought a boy's tee shirt for her husband for valentine's day! so check the pages of US magazine, you just might see a matte black "necktie" t shirt...

also, the very fun to visit The Kids Are Alright on Sunset tells me that there is a chance a matte black boy's tee will be featured in a music video of sorts. If you are around Sunset ever, check out that store it's among our favorites. Look at Vanessa's adorable hand-made cupcake pins.

well i will keep this blog of ours posted on any future celebrity sightings. ha! like we're not celebrity enough.... don't you know who i am?

we're really holding out for that no-nonsence brother to be caught sporting matte black to the a-list party... see you there.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Today I Rule The World. Bi-Polarism At Its Best.

Today I am a new man. After countless idiotic spyware, adware and virus intrusions on my worthless doorstop of a PC computer, I awoke yesterday morning at 7am and headed for the Mac store to secure a Mac Mini. Today I am the most organinzed, efficient smooth operator in the world. I can never be stopped. I am a golden god. In addition to this, the first ever Matte Black basic long sleeve "Ira" shirt sample in grey has been completed. We now can prove that we are not lying about this whole company. Also, our sample for our "New Intetellectual" black pant has been completed which is actually white on account of the fact they will be worn by our very own super model Paul Wignall in the new Initium Eyewear campaign. This white pair will be our first couture piece only available for custom order from very select showrooms. On a private note, Mark, I think we should call the grey button up "Ira", and the black, "Roark". We'll talk about a "Coop" and a "book house boys" flanel in a more private setting.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

matte black on the world wide web

well, we are now on the "net" as they call it. the site has some of our t-shirts from our humble beginning.

Monday, January 17, 2005

future matte black model

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this is kai. kai is almost 2, has a killer tattoo and burns easily in the sun. he loves tomatoes, and is happiest when naked and/or wrestling.